Friday, December 8, 2017

We wait....

Well, it's just been confirmed that I am the bad influence on the weather and not Karina.  We have been sitting in La Paz for the past week and now that Sea Rover is checked out of the country, provisioned and put back together (more or less) we now need to wait for the weather.
Its currently blowing 30 knots in La Paz harbour, which for those who know the area is bad.  Really Bad.  Luckily this norther event didn't happen at the beginning of the week when we had the extreme tides otherwise Sea Rover would probably be uninhabitable. 
Anyway, we hope to leave tomorrow morning on our big adventure.  Having said that, we hoped we could leave today too.  Keep an eye on the tracker, we'll be sure to activate it when we actually get out of here.
You can find where we are here:
Sea Rover InReach Tracker Page

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