Friday, December 15, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 6

The sun is just setting somewhere behind the clouds and Sea Rover is finally sailing along at a nice pace. The crew did well to endure a very wet and squally night with lots of sail changes and side thumping waves. Luckily only a few rain squalls have occurred since morning so there has been some good chances to dry gear out. Sea Rover threw a warning shot over the bow of the captain and broke the lazyjacks during an especially exciting squall but has otherwise observed the truce and behaved nicely. Batteries are suffering due to the lack of sun but the Hydrovane has been performing well so the extra power use by the autopilot has helped stretch out the periods between required charging.
The crew has had the line dragging behind the boat since we left the sea but alas no surprise dinners have been caught. On one slow period yesterday two gorgeous dorrado swam past the boat thumbing their blunt noses at the lure. The captain knows the chance of catching anything is almost zero while he is on board. The crew are still optimistic having not experienced how strong the captains curse really is.
Tonight's exciting meal is left over Chickpea Chorizo with fresh cornbread. Crew and Captain alike are certainly not suffering in the provision department. All will need to be fed well to keep their strength up as yet another squally night is expected.

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  1. So glad you are away and finally beginning to live the dream.... even if it does seem like a battle at times. We will be following your passage and sending prayers to the wind gods for you. S/V Ka'sala