Monday, November 27, 2017

It floats!

Hi everyone.
No time to post pictures but I figured it was important to update everyone on Sea Rover's status.
After a gruelling 2 month refit Sea Rover launched last Friday and is floating at the dock in Guaymas.   Karina flew down to make sure I got everything done and has just arrived back in Vancouver where she will work till she joins us in the Galapagos.
We hope to head to La Paz tomorrow where we will pick up the remainder of our crew at the end of the week.  We have an expected departure from Mexico planned for sometime next week.
Given we are leaving Mexico for a long series of offshore passages to Chile, we have made some changes in our communication gear.  Stay tuned for updates on how to track us.  You can always check out our "Where are We?" page for the latest on how to follow our progress in this year's adventure.
More posts are coming
Stay tuned.

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