Wednesday, December 13, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 4

The crew were not misled when the captain warned of light airs and big seas for this passage. Today the captain was unfortunately proven correct much sooner than expected. Team Sea Rover has battled heavily today trying to keep the boat moving in varying breeze and swell. The last 12 hours have seen her move a painful 12 NM closer to the Galapagos. Frequent checks of the weather show no change and given there is no where to motor to, she wallows. Sometimes it would be nice to have no information on board and be blissfully ignorant about the passage of time and space.
In the separate battle between the captain and Sea Rover, Sea Rover has proven to be a master of warfare throwing a blown backstay jack, fried watermaker panel and a continuously leaking dinghy. The crew seem very motivated to keep the dinghy inflated. Its unclear if their confidence in the captain has waned and they see a need for a better option than the liferaft should the war be lost. The captain managed to bypass the watermaker control panel which should at least mean they wont die of thirst. Tomorrow's job will be to jury rig the backstay tensioner so the boat can sail again if the wind ever returns.
On a high note everyone sat at the cockpit dining table for a wonderful dinner of enchiladas with a super pod of dolphins frolicking all around the unmoving boat. It was noticed that a few of them tried to urge the hull forward with no success.
Tomorrow will hopefully bring fair wind and no giant following seas.

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