Wednesday, December 27, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 16 and 17

Another two days have gone under the keel of Sea Rover. We currently have 435 NM to go to our destination in the Galapagos. It can't happen too soon.
About 36 hours ago we finally sailed out of the monsoon trough and through to the southerly trades. Since then we've seen very consistent wind from the South. Unfortunately this has meant sailing pretty hard on the wind but at least we have wind and we haven't had to tack.
It's also been fortunately on the Starboard tack which seems to leak much less and as an added bonus we have the right of way of most boats now. Hurray for small miracles.
Last night we spotted our first boat that didn't have AIS and was not a strong target on Radar. I expect as we get closer to the islands we will encounter more of these small fishing vessels and will have to keep a close eye out for them despite the crashing seas.
This morning we set a record with 6 boobies managing to land on our pulpit. Bird life is certainly increasing so we must be getting close to land.
433 NM to go

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