Tuesday, December 12, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 3

Today will probably be our last sight of land for a number of week. A big day for Sea Rover... We are leaving Mexico. She tried hard to stay and maybe things will change but as of right now our next landfall will be Isla San Cristabal in the Galapagos.
The captain was up early running a few last wires while the crew worked on sewing a lee cloth, preparing food for passage and putting the finishing touches on Sea Rover for the big departure. We hoped for anchor up at 10am. By noon we were ready to go and started to pull the anchor up. Sea Rover made one last attempt to keep us in Mexico by killing half the instrument network. 2 hours our troubleshooting and we were ready to go. For the past 6 hours we've been making good time sailing downwind in reasonably boisterous seas. We will see how long our speed keeps up.
Tonight we have Chickpea Chorizo, a favorite of mine. All the crew are in good spirits to finally be underway.

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