Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Sea Rover is on a Christmas Break

Here is a quick post wishing everyone a spectacular holiday with friends and family where ever you are following from.  

In terms of prioritization, writing a blog falls pretty far down the list of things to do on a boat.  I know that many are disappointed to hear this but yes, keeping the crew and boat safe does rate higher.  Sometimes due to this prioritization, the gap between what is actually happening and what is written grows so great that notes are needed to remember the details.  Those notes are sitting on Sea Rover while the Captain and crew are not.  This means that there will be a delay for the next installment of the epic journey north.  

Rest assured that Sea Rover is safely secured at a lovely island marina just north of Gulfo de Penas.  Nobody died and nothing is broken but we had some very noteworthy adventures in getting her there.  Tales which will be well worth the wait to hear until January.  As a reward for your patience we should be able to include a few pictures. 

Stay tuned...  We'll start up the adventure again before you've had a chance to miss us.