Thursday, December 21, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos Day 11 and 12

Breaking news from the front lines.
In the current theater of war there are three super powers. Sea Rover, Captain and Neptune. Yesterday Sea Rover and Captain officially declared themselves as not just allies but in fact friends in the latest battle. The documents were signed with great fanfare in the presence of Crew. The inverter... A symbol of great wealth and power and a collaboration of both Sea Rover and Captain was brought online much to the enjoyment of crew who were finally able to power their multitude of electronic devices. Captain knows how easy it is to pacify the masses and this simple gesture has made them forget about the fact that its been 2 weeks with out showers, all the fresh fruits and vegetables are gone and the last meat was rationed off tonight. Little do they know that power is also about to be in scarce supply and the inverter wont help them then.
Diesel, a small upstart nation, used to be allied with Sea Rover but a secret back-room deal has turned him to Neptune and now things are looking bleak for the good guys. Neptune has done extremely well in the fight, quietly bidding his time and building massive resources while Sea Rover and Captain depleted theirs fighting each other. Neptune has in fact done nothing up till now but spies with the Captain have discovered a massive assault coming in the next couple of days. It is now a race against time for Sea Rover and the Captain to position themselves and take a stand as best they can. Losing Diesel to the other side will certainly hurt their chances. Even if they do survive to fight another day the required energy just to position themselves in the fight will be a huge handicap for a long time to come. They can only hope that by working together good will prevail over evil.
Crew has been blissfully unaware of the coming battle. Going about their business, making plans for tomorrow, enjoying watching amazing stars, dolphins playing in the bow with 1 foot dome explosions of light all around them. Fun things like that. The Captain has been quietly drilling them, making them into lean mean super solders for the coming battle. They will do well. They are ready, even if they don't know whats coming.

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