Sunday, December 10, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 1

Sea Rover is finally getting to really stretch her legs. She doesn't seem too happy about it though. Day 1 started with a required stop in Bahia Falsa to fix a blown hose in the watermaker system. This fix was certainly required as we were fully out of water. After that quick fix we left La Paz in the dark and started our slow bash north to get around the point and turn south. Big seas and wind on the nose made progress slow and when we finally were able to get the sails up disaster struck as the lazy jacks got tangled in the reefing lines preventing us from shortening sail. At the same time the bilge alarm was constantly going off so we had carnage down below and on deck making the captain wonder if he shouldn't call uncle and give up on the dream to go to South America. A quick use of the barf bucket cleared his head and the boat settled down with only occasional blips from the bilge alarm due to gravity having enough power to actually move the float high without any water. By 4 am Sea Rover was happily making progress south and the off watch came on deck bleary eyed and apprehensive not knowing what else would be thrown at them. Their fears were unfounded as the remainder of that watch was uneventful if not sort of pleasant.
Daylight brought on calm enough conditions in light breezes to contemplate finishing the Hydrovane setup in order to get off dependence off the autopilot. Alas this was not to be as the top of the head unit is completely frozen due to it's lack of use by the previous owner. Yet another job to tackle in the wonderfull anchorage of Frailes, hopefully our last stop before heading offshore from Cabo.
Stay tuned till tomorrow for another episode of Sea Rover vs Gary where the hero battles unprecedented odds to leave Mexico.

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