Monday, December 25, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 13 and 14

Delayed update from the front lines:
As expected over the past 48 hours an epic battle ensued between Sea Rover and Neptune. Sea Rover along with allies Captain and Crew fought valiantly and managed to keep Neptune at bay. Luckily advance notice from Captain's many spies allowed for optimum positioning and Neptune was unable to flank the front lines which would have ensured destruction. Sea Rover and Captain's recent friendship paid huge dividends and the alliance held fast despite a massive Jib wrapping and loss of mainsheet. Crew worked diligently to keep Sea Rover afloat by pumping continuously and carefully carried out their duties despite the rapid deterioration of the Captain throughout the battle. By the end when all seemed lost and the Captain was maniacally taunting Neptune by yelling "Bring it on!!" and "Is that all you got!!!", Neptune simply ran out of interest in the tiny nation and turned his attention to some distant unknown foe.
Bloodied and beaten, the allies retreated to safer waters and slowly started the process of rebuilding their great nation. Quietly hoping for a long reprieve in the fighting, knowing that Neptune came very close to forcing total capitulation.

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