Sunday, December 17, 2017

La Paz to Galapagos: Day 7

Its now been a week for Sea Rover's journey. The crew have settled nicely into the routine. The past 24 hours have seen pleasant sailing conditions although last night Sea Rover was surrounded by a spectacular light show of stars, dark clouds and continuous lightening. Luckily, thunder was only heard in the early dawn and by then the energy from the squalls had mostly dissipated. The captain should be able to get some sleep now that the danger of lightening has passed.
Sea Rover is currently sailing with wind forward of the beam as close as is comfortable, cracking on at 6 knots. Hopefully the wind backs a bit throughout the day which would allow her to keep her optimum course. Yesterday she clocked her first 100NM day. All on board hopes this is only the start of a fast passage.

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