Monday, February 5, 2018

The roller coaster ride to Easter Island - Day 7

Nadine: This is my first blog post ever... I am currently taking a small break from prepping the peanut chickpea stew and naan bread for dinner. If you had asked me if I was going to be doing this type of thing at a break neck 6-8 knots of boat speed, and 15-20 degree boat heel, I probably would have laughed. Maybe I should have had that afternoon nap... but isn't it popcorn time???
Since we left the Galapagos, it's been an increasing crazy roller coaster ride. It makes almost all the other rides I have ever been on look tame. Way more suspenseful than space mountain where you cannot see what's next... the ocean has been throwing us curve balls left right and center. My bruised leg and butt can attest to the surprise when making contact with a hard surface. It's also quite a production to get around the boat...pretty much have to use both hands or skoot along the wall if it's available or else you are easily thrown around. Makes for interesting sleeping...
There is nothing like the absolutely amazing sun sets and rises, and skies full of stars. Yesterday the moon rise was especially appreciated. Would have been nice to have had that to help me to see the flying fish that almost landed in my lap earlier in the evening. My highlight over the past week was seeing a lone Bryde's whale on my early morning watch on day 2. It came to the then much calmer surface and took several breath by the boat before we sailed away. Maybe when the seas really do settle down as Gary keeps saying will happen in 24-36 hours, we shall see more of these lovely creatures.

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  2. Nadine - Gary always says it will be better in 24 hours! He says it at least once a day....

    I guess eventually he will be correct!