Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Leg 2 - The Bash To Easter Island - Day 8

Ugggg. That pretty much describes it. Day 8 of living on a 15-20 degree heel. Probably 8 more to go. Good times. The seas have been pretty horrendous the last few days making for some pretty wild rides. We've had to change the old saying "one hand for the boat and one for yourself" to "two hands for the boat at all times". As you can imagine, this rule makes some things, like dressing, eating, cooking, using the loo, difficult. But, somehow we are managing. We are all perfecting how to survive what I've termed the "fling - throw". This is where the boat flings you in one direction, and then immediately throws you in the complete opposite direction. This happens quite often, but unfortunately is not predictable! It is keeping us on our toes. Yup, two hands for the boat...or more bruises... On the plus side, the wind has finally (!!!) swung around to the east and so we've been able to crack off to a close reach. It is still uncomfortable as the seas are now directly on the beam, but it is infinitely better than the boat taking air off every second wave and slamming down into the next, which has been our world for the last 3 days.

Gary assures us it will get better in 24 hours...

800 nm down, 1100 nm to go.

PS - the flying fish are very cool

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