Sunday, February 4, 2018

Leg 2 - The Bash to Easter Island - Day 6

Well its now been 6 days at a heal of 15 to 20 degrees. Progress has been pretty darn good. Yes we are having to pump the bilge pretty regularly to stay afloat and yes I've filled up my bucket with stuff other than salt water more than once but we are currently doing 7 knots in more or less the correct direction so life is OK.

Every few hours Karina and I have a private conference to make sure we are understanding each other when it comes to a comfortable boat. I have always felt that faster is better as good things do not come to those who wait. Karina is more inclined to the slower side of life. Somehow we come to a consensus and I go up on deck and put another reef in. The good news now is that there aren't any more reefs to put in so conflict has been minimal over the past few hours. Nadine has done an excellent job of making herself scarce during these lighthearted conversations. If you've ever been on our boat you will understand that this is pretty difficult to do.

Speaking of Nadine, she has also done an amazing job keeping Karina and I fed and the boat clean. Somehow she is unaffected by the heel and bouncy conditions and aside from being thoroughly bruised is somehow full of energy. I on the other hand wish I could be put in a body cast so my muscles would stop firing. A giant tub of jello might work just as well. MMMM jello.... I digress.

Elcie, a 60 foot catamaran that left the Galapagos a day after us is now ahead of us and in contact with us pretty regularly. Last night they reported coming out of the rough seas and being able to crack off and again tonight they reported they are enjoying fast reaching conditions in comfortable seas. This confirms what we can see on the gribs. 100 NM in front of us is a glorious patch of wind and seas that seems to be moving at exactly the same speed (or faster) as us. Having contact with Elcie every night feels like a kid looking through the window of a locked candy store. Maybe tomorrow night we will break through and life will be great.

1365 NM to go till our world might stop moving.

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