Saturday, February 3, 2018

Leg 2 - The Bash to Easter Island - Day 5

Karina: Day 5 started off much the way day 4 did, and I expect day 6 will as well. We are still beating into the wind and waves at 50 degrees off the wind. But we are making good progress towards Easter Island. According to Jimmy Cornell (the guru on when the best time to sail anywhere in the world is), we were to avoid the area between 3 and 8 degress south (latitude)and 90 and 95 degress west (longitude) as sailors typically report confused seas and squally conditions. Unfortunately there really is NO way to avoid this area when going from the Galapagos to Easter Island. You either have to sail directly east against the 2 knot humbolt current to the mainland coast, or you end up way to far west to easily get to Easter Island. So, we decided to go through it. We are now at 6 degrees 48 minutes south and 93 degress 35 minutes west. So right in the middle of this area. We can now confirm that yes, this are does indeed have big, confused seas and squally conditions.

Yesterday we learned how to make the boat bit more comfortable (ie, reefing etc) and so it is tolerable, even for me. With the reefs in the main and genoa we are galloping across the ocean between 5 and 6 knots. Without the reefs we tend to do 7 or 8 knots and that becomes intolerable... 6 knots is much better. Even the captain agrees, although he just came down to complain about the reef in the main - we are still doing 6 knots...

Today was a special day as we hove-to (ie, for those non-sailors reading, that means you basically stop the boat in a comfortable position) to charge the batteries, make water, and most importantly, to shower!! Yup, it was very very exciting for all of us on Sea Rover. We almost feel human again.

We are all adjusting to living in 3 hour increments. We are rotating through 3 hour watches, so everyone does a 3 hour watch, then has 6 hours off to sleep, stare off into space, stare off into the ocean, etc. Repeat 3 times a day. Gary had a bit of a stomach bug (or sea sickness) and I've been struggling a bit down below so Nadine has been looking after us. We've nicknamed her "Cinderella" as she is doing all the cooking and cleaning while we lie down and give helpful orders and advice. I don't know what we would have done without her on this leg - we certainly would've been a lot hungrier! She is in the kitchen now preparing our dinner... It's wonderful. I'm starting to get my sea legs (yup, day 5) and so hopefully I'll be able to share the cooking a cleaning duties tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

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