Sunday, February 11, 2018

Leg 2 - Bash to Easter Island - Day something

Well we've officially lost track of all meaning of time. It gets dark, it gets light. We pull sails out, we pull sails in. Sometimes we pull sails out only to pull them right back in. Sea water rinse and repeat. All the while the boat heaves in crazy directions. According to our instruments we are making reasonable distance. This is little consolation given the conditions. All of us on board would be happy to not be moving at all. The gourmet fair has trickled to a stop. The food is still nourishing but we aren't getting fresh Naan Bread any more. I think even Nadine has reached her G force threshold.
Somehow are spirits are still remaining reasonably good. Yes, there are grumbly moments but all grumbling seems directed at the forces we can't control. Tomorrow the seas will calm down... And yes, I said that yesterday and the day before.
469.7 NM to go

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  1. Cheers to 'reasonable' spirits and being under the 500nm mark!! Love these descriptive posts - well done, it's quite a feat to write anything sensical out there. Wishing you calmer seas... - Sarah & Will C.