Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leg 2 - The Bash to Easter Island - Last Day

Well, we now have 91 NM to go.
Our predicted arrival is sometime in the early morning tomorrow, at which point we will be able to sleep longer than 3 hours if we desire. We will also hopefully able to walk from one part of the boat to the other without using both hands. We might even be able to have a daily shower. Walking on land is a distinct possibility although none of us are sure we can still do that without leaning to port and falling over. Luxuries like being able to sleep in a dry bed or change into pjamas haven't even been contemplated yet.
There are those who love passage making and to a certain extent I can see part of the appeal. Defining your day by 4 events (eating, sleeping, crapping and standing watch) makes things pretty simple. You have time to let your mind wander to places it wouldn't necessarily take the time to go when in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Imagine going a full 14 days without hearing about something stupid that Trump said... There are definitely bonuses to being offshore. Add in days of endless sailing (even if it is up wind), the amazing stars at night, sunrises and sunsets uninhibited by land and good watch mates who you can trust and rely on to keep you safe... Now you'd think I was writing a brochure for an idyllic vacation. Start talking about the fact that all of us have to wear belts to keep our pants up and now Im positive I could sell this as a "holistic getaway" to many of our neighbors in Kits.
For a limited time Sea Rover II is offering a once in a life time, amazing opportunity for you to find (and even talk) to your spirit animal. For just $2000 US we are offering the perfect chance to commune with Nature and remove yourself from all your stresses of life. This 3 week "vacation" will guarantee daily cleansing's, weight loss and a new understanding of what you are capable of. The best part about this offered vacation is that no instructors will be there to bother you in your voyage of understanding...
We of course will be flying to Chile :)
88.8 NM to go.

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  1. Hello! Thank you! Your writing is incredible. I laughed out loud for a good few minutes.
    I am on your site researching the best times of year to sail MX to Easter Island to Chilean Mainland.