Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Free at last

At West Beach, Calvert Island
A little celebration is in order (albeit belated).  A couple of weeks ago, Karina finished her last day at work for a while, hopped in the car and raced up to her new home on Sea Rover II.  It's been a long time coming but we are now officially boat vagabonds.  We'll have more posts of what's happened to get us here but for now let's talk about the present.
This link shows you where we are right now.  Yes, you have to zoom way out to find a town.   This is our second year in a row visiting the Hakai Institute.  If you know nothing about them you can find info here
Anyway last night we fell asleep listening to the soothing voice of Environment Canada, Karina must have heard it better than I did because she was awake at 5am turning it on again to see if the predicted winds really were still coming.  At 6am she dragged me out of bed suggesting that if I wanted to go anywhere today it had to be NOW!  Like a good husband I obliged and we left Fury cove at the crack of 7.  My good behaviour was rewarded with a fantastic sail under reefed main and jib back and forth up Fitz Hugh sound.   We have now sailed more in the last week than we did all of last year. 
Despite seeing whales (off in the distance) and sea lions leaping, Karina got tired of seeing the same lighthouse on every other tack so we turned on the engine and motored the last 4 miles to Pruth Bay (where we are now).   The winds have picked up a bit and its now blowing 20-25 out there but we are wearing shorts and t-shirts in our little cockpit bubble.  (Yes we love our new enclosure).
 If you see this blog post over the next couple of days you can see Sea Rover way in the background from Hakai's dock cam.  They are generous enough to beam satellite internet out into the anchorage and have opened their property to cruisers so we might spend a few days here talking long walks on the sunny empty beaches and updating our blog.That's all for now, stay tuned for reruns of the past few months as we write them. 
Karina's rebuttal:  I just happened to wake up at 6am this morning (not 5, as Gary suggests), and yes, I did listen to the weather and demand we go NOW.  Now, in Garyland, meant 2 hours from 'now'… ie, 7:45am when he finally got his butt in gear.  But yes, it was a good sail, even if the scenery repeated itself for a while… And even if it was all uphill (I've had a taste of downwind sailing now, and I want more…)  

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