Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ghost towns and Fiords

No pictures to post right now because this post is coming in via Ham Radio. Just a quick note to say that all is well on board.
The past week we've been to a neat ghost town called Ocean Falls. Our experience there was made even better by running into one of the few ghosts left, who showed us around. We then headed to Alexander MacKenzie park in Elcho harbour. This is where Alexander MacKenzie figured out he was actually on the west coast in 1793. He left an inscription on a rock which is still visible today. After a night there we've spent the last two nights hanging out in Eucott bay. While we only have 2 feet under the keel this bay has a big big positive. Fresh clean hot (very hot) water flowing from a spring. We've had 2 or 3 soaks a day in the rock pools overlooking snow capped peaks. Despite being a weekend and within small boat distance from Bella Coola we've been pleasantly surprised by the small number of people here. What a fantastic place! We were even treated to another dinner show of a Mama bear and two cubs.
Today we are waiting a bit for the tide to come up so we can get out of the bay. We will then spend a couple of days working our way down Burke channel heading back out to the open ocean.
We'll post some pictures when we get back to civilization. At this point it's hard to predict when that will be... There was talk of staying here in Eucott for the winter...

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