Monday, July 21, 2014

The long and winding road

With a couple days of hot weather and no wind predicted we decided to make a run up to the head of Roscoe Inlet.  Just at the mouth of the inlet we were treated to a very special show by two humpbacks.  If there was ever a reason to spend the money on expensive camera gear, this was it.  The pictures we have don`t do it justice but we do have a small movie that we'll upload at some point.  One of the items on my bucket list was to sail to Alaska to see Humpbacks bubble feeding.  We only had to sail half way and I can now cross this item off my list. (Side note to Karina.... this doesn't mean we don`t need to sail to Alaska at some point)
Bubble feeding is when a group of sea mammals corral sea food by working together to create a tall cylinder of bubbles.  We saw 4 seals doing it in the Broughtons but Humpbacks are the kings of this sport when they create the corral and then fling their tonnes of body mass up out of the water, mouths wide open.  Despite only two, they put on quite a show for about a half hour right beside our seemly tiny sailboat.  Spectacular!
We'd heard Roscoe Inlet was a neat place with warm water for swimming.  Neat didn't do it justice.  Envision a place never touched by man surrounded by 3000 foot granite domes and 27 degree (yes in Celsius) clear fresh water over the salt.

Sure, every paradise must have its vices and there were "a few" horse flies around but this brought back fond memories of Ontario.  We simply put Charlotte out on deck as bait and she kept them at bay (how many flies can a beagle swallow before she dies?).

and on...
The inlet goes on...

and on...
and on
and on

Required yearly shot of Gary
Yes! 27 deg C

Selfie in Paradice
 We had a couple of idyllic days before a couple of other boats invaded our special place and we were forced to put clothes back on.  As always, wary of open "beaches" (aka, crappy rock beaches with tall sea grass) we kept Charlotte on a short leash while ashore and were rewarded with a black bear mom and her cub dinner time show from the safety of our boat.

The next morning we awoke to the pitter patter of rain drops on our hatch..... For the next two days it rained and rained and rained and rained.  It then rained some more.  We've been pretty lucky on our trip with regards to weather so far and I guess the gods decided we`d had it good enough.  The good news is the rain pointed out some good areas in the deck that need sealing and reminded us what happens when water meets electricity.  Even better news is we were able to dry out our fridge controller and didn't have to feed all of our frozen meat to the crabs.

Rain drops keep fallin on my head
yet another one
one of the thousands of 2000 ft waterfalls
Oh, and another piece flew off our windlass...and now it doesn't work.  Karina invented a few new swear words and tried hard not to cry in frustration.  And Gary learned how to set our 73 lb anchor using the windlass in manual mode.
Beautiful even in the rain

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