Monday, July 21, 2014

Silver Linings

Shearwater Warrior Pole
So, Shearwater was not on our list of places to visit this summer.  As luck would have it, we've now been here twice.  First, last week to accompany our friends sans rudder to the haul out facility and now to search for the part for the damn windlass.  It turned out, there were a few upsides to this latest detour.

Charlotte got to spend some time peeing on real grass (I can`t describe how excited she is about that) and we managed to score 5 lbs of fresh prawns from the roommate of the guy selling guy the windlass part in the hardware store. Serendipity, or good timing, whichever, we thank you for our tasty dinner!
I (Karina), of course, had to use my amazing powers of negotiation to get the prawns (ha, ha, if only David L at work could have seen it). And much to my complete astonishment, it worked!  We BBQ`d half of the 50 prawns 2 ways and had a feast.  The sun even came out in the evening to help us celebrate.
Silver linings.

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