Monday, July 21, 2014

Just another day at work

Lots of you following us in these early stages of our travels have emailed us about how lucky we are to have left our jobs and do nothing but play all day.  We respond to those emails that we haven't left work, we've simply changed our titles.  Karina and I are now "Boat technicians".
Killing flies in the garage

What are our responsibilities you might ask?  Well it varies with any given day.  Today we completed the following:

  • Dismantled and dried fridge controller.  Put it back together and said a prayer.
  • Dismantled main sheet winch and sealed leaking bolt that fried the fridge controller.  Put it back together and said a prayer.
  • Dismantled anchor windlass to find sheared part not listed in manual.  Headed to "hardware" store back in Shearwater and said a prayer.
  • Returned from store victorious with part needed for windlass motor.  Put it back together and said a prayer.
  • Emptied our lazarette (also known as our garage) and tightened our steering cables.
  • Reorganized our lazarette and despite knowing the laws of entropy said a prayer.

Praying the windlass motor doesn't land on my head in the guest room
You may notice that every job completed ends with a prayer to the boat gods.  As a scientist and IT guy neither of us are actually trained for our current job descriptions.  We figure by praying we keep a low profile with respect to the boat gods and when they decide to smite someone it will be the guy from Edmonton next to us (currently running his generator).
The prayer goes something like this:
Our father, boat god up there, 
your kingdom come, 
your will be done.  
Thanks be to thee for giving us our small daily lesson of how to fix things we didn't know existed before now.  
As always lead us not into tempting rock gardens and deliver us from evil seas.  

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