Thursday, December 25, 2014

Offshore Update: Merry Christmas!

We just arrived in the crazyness of Cabo. Wow, talk about culture shock. There are about 100 jet skis bombing around us and 50 glass bottomed pangas with red faced (and chested) tourists leaving the beach. We can hear land parties all over the beach, each area trying to be louder than the next. It's very difficult to describe the contrast between here and our last anchorage in nowhere land.
We just hopefully completed our last long passage for a while. It was a bit boisterous last night but otherwise uneventful. I dont think we'll be staying here long but we are at least going to get a good nights rest before moving on.
Merry Christmas to everyone from Cabo!

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  1. Hi you two! Cabo is an assault to the senses! I was happy to scram, as soon as the Haha events were over. I am glad you are taking your time and soaking up your experience. We zoomed around until my mom left Dec 14 and since then have slowed down by coming south, closer to Barra. Tenicatita is wonderful, as is the Aquarium, nearby. Fantastic snorkelling. My favorite spot by far. Keep well, and hopefully we will cross paths again, just not likely before we jump. :( hugs to you all, Rose