Friday, December 19, 2014

Offshore Update: Great sailing but no engine

We just finished another 140 NM passage from Abreojos to Bahia Santa Maria. We delayed leaving compared to the rest of the group in the hopes of sailing. Wow did we sail! The winds were consistently around 20 knots from behind which is great for our boat but the seas were a bit bigger than expected. Thus we had a bit of a roller coaster ride.
We did make great time though and it was looking like we could sail all the way to Bahia Magdalana getting in just before dusk. Then we turned on the engine this morning to charge the batteries and make some water. About 5 minutes into making water I smelled burning coming form the engine room. We quickly assessed that the raw water pump impeller was burning (given the smoke coming out of the pump) and shut things down. I then spent the next two hours trying to sort out the issue. Imagine being on a roller coaster while trying to thread a needle. Then add to that blistering heat (remember our engine had just caught fire). Some how I didn't die but after completing all the standard troubleshooting tasks we still had no water coming out of the back. Karina some how managed to keep the boat fairly level in the big winds beating back to the bay with out reefing.
We decided that Santa Maria was the best option to anchor under sail (easy big bay) and pulled in with a textbook sailing anchor set.
Now safely at anchor (and not moving) we expanded our troubleshooting tasks and after sucking and blowing on many engine hoses, found an air lock just before the water muffler and fixed the problem.
We plan to rest here for a few days. There is a nice beach where we can get Charlotte to shore without surfing the dinghy and after the excitement of the last 24 hours we feel we deserve a rest.
For those keeping track, Charlotte went on her pee mat in the forward shower after much coaxing last night. Big steps forward for her over the last few days. She may be a real boat dog yet!
All is well.

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  1. Charlotte pees in the shower? Me too!

  2. Wishing the three of you a breezy passage from Santa Maria, now that your engine troubles are resolved! We are so glad we got to spend so much time with you! Cheers, Jessie & Neil