Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Umbrella Dumpers

The Umbrella Dumpers
As we've been making our way down the coast we've been hooking up with lots of other cruisers who are doing the same thing we are.  Once we got south of San Diego the convoy was big enough that it made sense to start a VHF net and thus "The Umbrella Dumpers" net was born.  The term was coined by Jessie on Red Thread and we feel the name is spot on!  We've all left the pacific northwest and "dumped our umbrellas.
Soon the Umbrella dumpers will spread out in their own directions but here in Turtle bay we've had a blast with great new found friends:
The Red Thread (Jessie and Neil)
Namaste (Cindy, John and Journey)
Kialoa (Scott, Tanya and Josh)
Adagio (Steve, Cathy, Cindy, Kevin)
Tappan Zee (Tom and Annie)
Astraea (Natalie, Nate and Sully)

Special mention goes out to Solastra (Dean and Lynne) who is here with us in spririt.

Buen viento y buena mar!

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