Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Offshore Update: Merry Christmas Eve

We are currently sailing in light airs just off the bottom tip of Isla Santa Margarita, one of the last big headlands before Cabo on the southern end of Baja. We've had a pretty good sail so far but the winds have just shut off so we will probably have to motor till the sun sets.
Santa has treated us well with the usual dolphins and a small family of Grey whales feeding just off our port side (we had to take evasive action). The weather is wall to wall blue with the usual yellow thing in the sky (for those in the North west, it's called a sun).
This is the first Christmas either of us can remember where we haven't had friends and family around us and with things as remote as they are right now, the sunset will be bitter sweet.
We'll be thinking of everyone tonight and tomorrow no matter what the winds do to keep us busy. When that distant relative (who you don't really like but had to invite to dinner anyway) drinks too much and causes a scene just smile and give thanks that you've got family to share the holidays with. We'd give a bunch to have family around us right now (if only to take over my watch).
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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  1. Merry Christmas Karina & Gary! Glad I can now follow you guys on here!!!