Sunday, August 3, 2014

A day in the life of Charlotte

Charlotte's photo journal.
i wake up in my 'princess bed' every morning after a long nights sleep.
i eat breakfast as soon as i get up at the crack of 8 am.
 i get dinner too, and sometimes lunch
(if they remember and if they think i won't throw it up while we are sailing).
Sometimes i just hang out...

Sometimes i explore on shore...
mummy is always close by with weapons in case of cougars and bears.
Sometimes we sail and it is cold and scary...

...sometimes its so scary i have to hang out in
my 'nest' down below
 when we are underway.

Sometimes i have to supplement my diet by foraging
(especially if they forgot to give me lunch).

Sometimes i get to ride in the dingy and we go fast!

Sometimes i get to hang out on the beach.

We do a lot of hiking... mummy is slow and i always have to wait for her.

Sometimes the hikes are very long and  tiring.
Sometimes daddy has to drag me along.

Sometimes they capture me for a photo-op.

Sometimes they make me do things I just don't understand...
Where is the SPCA when I need them!

But whatever the situation, i am alert and ready.

No matter what we do, i'm pretty tired by the end of the day.

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