Sunday, August 3, 2014


When we first visited this place on the way up the coast with Malcolm and Dina, we only got a taste.  That was enough for us to promise to return.  Yesterday, after re-provisioning and fueling up in Port McNeil we fulfilled that promise and docked at the "friendliest harbour" in the world.
Woodshed after Don's heart
Founded in the early 1900's by disillusioned coal miners and timber workers, these Fins started a community of their own to provide a safe place to raise families with equal rights for all.  While their idea's didn't last, their spirit and work ethic carry's on to this day, ensuring a friendly wave from everyone passing by.
Speaking of work ethic, Don....  this store of wood for the winter puts your's to shame!
As usual, everything we do is about Charlotte so this place fits the bill with long open spaces to walk and hike.  Every quaint seaside home is well kept and manicured lawns are abundant which Charlotte was especially excited about.
Safety first!
Yesterday after putting a couple of burgers from the Burger Barn with milkshakes to boot, we felt the need to do a hike.  Hike we did...  all 12 Km out to Bere point.  By the 5th km, Charlotte was wishing she was back in her princess bed, but her spirits picked up on the other side with easy paths carved in the salal.  After a quick rest enjoying the views we started making our way back.

Rest spot for the weary

Man eating salal

This place gets storms!

We hoped for a ride back but the only car that passed us was when we were almost back to the harbour so we completed the 12 km hike and collapsed on the boat for a quiet and early night.

Slow down dad!
This morning we awoke early refreshed and wandered to the marina office where we snagged two pink bikes.  Sointula is very bike and dog friendly (we just missed the pet parade next weekend).  They have free bikes coloured by the place they belong for anyone to take.  The harbour's are hot pink and a few have baskets which we took advantage of by placing Charlotte in one.  After a few false starts she got the hang of the need to sit and brace against my back and away we went into town down the easy paved winding harbour road.

We were extremely disjointed to find that the bakery was closed on Sunday's but our spirit's were lifted when we discovered Deb's cafe (the only place in town open on Sunday).  After a fantastic breakfast of Egg's benny with a fresh from the oven blueberry muffin on the side we waddled back to the bikes, stuffed Charlotte back in the basket and made our way back to the harbour.
It's places like Sointula that have made our trip north so memorable.  We wish we could come back here every year.

We'll be back

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