Sunday, August 3, 2014

The first month aboard

Karina's perspective:
It is hard to believe I've been on board s/v Sea Rover II for over a month now.  So far the trip has been great - it is so different from last year.  This year we've stayed in each place long enough to experience everything it has to offer instead of blowing through in a few hours.  Also, this has been a much more social trip compared to last year.  Not only have we sailed in more popular waters (ie, there have been a few boats around compared to none), we've been checking in with the Ham radio nets in the morning and evening.  Yup, I know, that pretty much makes us geeks, but it has been fun listening to where all the boats are each day.  And we've actually met a few of the boats along the way.  We've met so many great people this trip and everyone has had an interesting story. Most of the people we've met have been offshore before and have had some good stories.  Who knew we'd actually need appi-type food and stuff for entertaining??  We certainly didn't need it last year.

Another difference over last year is that we've sailed a lot more.  This has made Gary less cranky, which is always good.  Our biggest challenge has been deciding when to leave anchor each day. Gary always wants to wait until the afternoon and sail into the evening, while I like to be somewhere by 5pm so we can enjoy the day a bit.  But, we are trying to compromise and so far it is working out.

An interesting thing I've noted is that although I'm not working, there never seems to be enough time in the day.  I now understand when people say they are more busy in retirement than when they were working.  Also, we are having trouble keeping track of what day it is.  It is always a bit of a surprise to us when we show up in civilization and find things closed because apparently it is Sunday (as happened this morning)!

And believe it or not, Gary and I are still speaking to each other (for the most part).  It has been interesting being together 24/7.  Think about that... 24/7 with your partner... on a small boat...  But, if we haven't killed each other yet, I figure we probably won't.

Do I miss work?  I miss the people for sure.  And my brain is probably atrophying as we speak, but I'm continually learning a whole new skill set so I haven't been bored yet.  The new boat technical role is keeping me on my toes.

Unfortunately I don't think month 2 of our trip will be as rewarding as month 1 as it is shaping up to be a boat project month, but we'll do our best to enjoy what comes.

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