Monday, March 23, 2020

We've made it to Vancouver and are home!

Hmmm, it seems our last point was talking about just making it to Antarctica and all of the sudden we are at the other end of the world in Vancouver?  What happened?  Well as everyone knows, things are changing in the world and for once we aren't talking about climate change.

After a week long ordeal of pretty significant stress we are back in our home country.  We left Antarctica a day early but still arrived in Ushuaia unable to return to our boat in Chile.  Over the next few days we quickly learned the big disadvantage of being a foreign national in a country during a crisis. Our plans changed from going to the boat via ferry to via bus to via air to not at all.  Then they changed to staying in Ushuaia to needing to get out of Argentina to holy cow, will we actually get out or be forced to become a refugee in a make shift camp.

Something you never want to see in an airport when you are trying to get home
Everyone should perform heroic measures to get to their home country.
On a happy note, we are under Q flag for the next 14 days so we'll be able to put some pretty good posts together with good quality pictures that will clearly show how spectacular Falklands/South Georgia/Antarctica are.

Stay tuned


  1. glad to hear that you're home safe. How stressful!
    Hopefully we can get together at some point when (if) this madness ever ends....

    1. Love to after the madness. Just need to know who we are meeting with. :)

  2. Also glad to hear you made it back; looking forward to more blog posts.

  3. Gary, I have lost your email address. Wanted to inquire as to Seabums status/location.

  4. Hello Searover,
    How are you? Is Rene watching again on your boat in Puerto Williams?
    We have had a amazing trip trough Patagonia. The last few weeks we sailed with Kiwidream, you have met them in Brecknock.
    We arrived 2½ month ago in Valdivia, without motor problems! (we have just read your blog about us)

    Mike and Angie of the Madrone are here also. Because of their stories and the stories on your blog, we are thinking now about going to Mexico in the end of the year.
    Is rains a lot and also the temperature is not comfortable. We enjoy ourselves with the others international (7 boats at the moment.
    What are your plans, do you think that you can go back to Puerto Wiliams in October? And than, Atlanitic, Europe?

    best regards,
    Marja and Henk
    of the Dina Helena

  5. I was one of the receptionist at Hotel Loberias del sur in aysen region in Chile , I had the pleasure to met both of you on that trip and now in the middle of a world pandemic I was able to get here to Vancouver it’s nice to see that everything worked well for you two

    1. Hey Claude!
      Good to hear from you. Glad you were able to keep your plans to move to Vancouver. How are you enjoying Canada?