Thursday, March 5, 2020

South Georgia is Amazing!!!

In the last 6 years, very few blog post titles have been given 3 marks of excitement. South Georgia is one of those places that can only be described with adjectives that conclude with at least 3 exclamation marks (more is better). For anyone that loves penguins this is a place that must be on your list. Getting here is not easy (ask Karina who spent most of yesterday's passage in bed) but once we arrived this morning it was full on spectacularness from 5 am till dark. We only were able to get to shore once (out of three tries) due to weather conditions but even if we dont make it ashore again we have enough pictures to keep us happy. In fact we filled up two memory cards with today's pictures alone.
On the shore visit we did managed to get to we saw fur seals, elephant seals and King penguins. A survey was last done about 5 to 10 years ago which numbered the penguin colony in the bay at 140 000. It's impossible to describe a colony of 140 000 birds that are 80 cm high packed into a bay less than two km wide. Add their goofy cartoonish motions, beautiful colouring and then the amazing scenery on top of that and all you can do is sit down and stare in awe... But then one of these goofy curious creatures walks up to you and you reach a sensory overload that can only be appreciated by those who have been here... Wow.
We have another early morning tomorrow. Here's hoping that the weather cooperates and our excellent guides get a chance to fully earn their well deserved pay.
For those keeping score. 4 down 4 to go...


  1. Daxton is at first impressed and excited about the Kings. Then pouting in jealousy at how close you are!!!

    Looking forward to seeing all those pictures!

  2. Amazing! I've been a penguin fan all of my life! I'll likely stick to seeing them in zoos but I'm VERY impressed & jealous!