Thursday, February 13, 2020

Heading to Antarctica!

A number of years ago I decided it would be cool to sail to Chile.  I was careful to not mention this to Karina but started her on my standard subliminal message program while sleeping.  After a couple of years of nightly doses the prescribed message finally made it through and with very little convincing required she agreed.  The next project was to convince her to sail south to Puerto Williams.  The Chilean government made this easy for me with their requirement to have the boat leave Chile every two years.  Shortly after this was confirmed I implemented operation Antarctica.

Surprisingly no subliminal messaging was required.  We both agreed that it would be very cool to sail to Antarctica.  Maybe even the Falklands and South Georgia as well.  I spent lots of time in Puerto Montt and Valdivia making contacts and planting seeds.  My hope was to run into a 20 m or bigger sailboat run by a nice couple who needed some experienced extra hands to get their boat all the way down to the bottom.  No payment was necessary.  We'd even help with food.

As we sailed down the channels it became clear that to get us both to Antarctica a slightly larger vessel than first imagined might be required.  It would also be nice if we were not responsible at all for our safety.

I tried a number of mind control techniques to change these new deep rooted conditions.  In a last ditch effort to change the situation I added my own requirement...  There was no way I could be on a boat unless I slept in a room that had a window that opened.  Karina foiled me and got me a whole balcony...
It's slightly larger than our current one and sadly has no sails.  I hope all the readers feel slightly sorry for my sacrifice.  I know I do.

This is going to suck!
We've got some time before we leave so more posts are coming about our trip the Beagle Channel...  Readers will now also get to enjoy more snow and ice as we head further south to Antarctica at the end of the month.

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