Friday, February 28, 2020

The real adventure begins!

Just in case you were afraid this year had not been enough of an adventure for us, today we leave on a trip we never thought we'd do.
While, I certainly had visions of somehow getting down to Antarctica in a very uncomfortable fashion, we are hopping on a pretty fancy looking ship for the next 20 or so days.  The Quark owned ship "World Explorer" is slightly larger than Sea Rover II.  It will certainly feel a bit like cheating...

Our trip leaves from Ushuaia and then we'll head north west to the Malvinas (we are in Ushuaia so that's what they are called).  We will spend a few days there and then sail south east to South Georgia, where we'll hopefully see some cool wildlife.  After a few days poking around there we'll pass the South Shetlands on our way to the Antarctic Peninsula.

We don't have internet on the boat but we will be bringing our own small devices so we should be able to post a few pictures along the way.  You will also be able to track us on our inreach device here:

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