Monday, November 24, 2014

Mission Bay

Mission Bay.  Wonder how much these houses cost?
The work never stops
As the days are getting shorter, we are finding it difficult to put in long distances (ie, over 40 nm) without sailing overnight. So, we decided to stop in Mission Bay for a couple of days to break up our trip from Oceanside to San Diego.  We are really glad we did.  It is a bit like False Creek - a lovely little anchorage nestled amoung multi-million dollar houses on the beach and Sea World.  Yup, Sea World. A bit bizarre, but a great location, nonetheless.

Despite being less than 10 nm from downtown San Diego, you do feel like you are 'away from it all'.  In fact, we met someone paddling by on a SUP who said he lived 3 miles away but that his family had rented a house on the beach here for the weekend.  Not sure why you can't just drive to the beach instead if it is that close, but who am I to judge?!

We spent 2 nights there SUP'ing around the bay, walking the dog on the soft sand (only during 'dog hours', of course), and doing boat projects.  Of course.  As the weather was nice and the water warm, we finished cleaning the hull and dove the boat to check that the giant piece of kelp we'd hit the day before hadn't damaged the prop (it was fine).

At least we don't work in an office!
The anchorage has a rule that you are only allowed to stay for 72 hours.  One skipper had obviously figured out a loophole in the system and was able to stay longer by beaching his sailboat on the sandbar every day.  We decided we didn't like living on a 45 degree angle 50 % of the time so we continued on to San Diego.

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