Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Its a hard life we lead

We have, yet again arrived in a new port.  After spending a wonderful 4 days in Santa Barbara we were finally getting to know the town.  We knew where everything was including the laundry, grocery stores, bakery and farmers market.  After careful scouting we decided on the best ice cream parlour and the cheapest place for good fish tacos.  We knew how to get to the beach, the pool and that damn die tab had finally dissolved from our head.
I can see how cruisers get trapped in a single town.  We are grasping why so many people have a hard time understanding what we are doing.  Sure, it’s easy to go on vacation for a few weeks to see somewhere new.  What we are doing is something completely different.  We find a nice place (that we would probably go to on vacation), but just when we get comfortable we feel the need to move to somewhere else nice.  Now we have to learn everything all over again.  Everything from wind patterns to tides to the lay of the land and where everything is.  To be truthful, it is a bit tiring.  Those on vacation get to go back to their normal lives where finding the place to get a loaf of bread doesn't take intense research and careful navigation.
Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining.  If we didn't like the challenge we’d just stop moving.  Every new place has things waiting to be discovered and different people to interact with.  We are slowly putting together a system of how to streamline the process.  Other cruisers understand our pain and we quickly band together to share all knowledge learned.  So far its working for us.
Next week we plan to stay put on Catalina island for a whole 7 days.  It will be nice to have 2 or 3 days available to return to the places we enjoyed in the first phase of discovering a new place.  Hopefully we won't get bored or worst, stuck there forever.

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  1. I totally feel what you are saying! When we were in Neah Bay, talking with John and Kara on Orca, Kara said the same thing...."I am tired of always being the person who doesn't know where anything is!". Having been at it 4 1/2 years... Yup, I can start to appreciate, after even 3 months, what she is saying. It's also the "how are we going to get there?".