Friday, October 21, 2022

Caleta Brecknock

Some day in the near future, internet on board Sea Rover will allow for pictures to be sent while off the grid. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective. Part of what makes Caleta Brecknock so special is that it's a spectacular place that so few people have been able to experience. You wont see hordes of unprepared selfie obsessed instagramers here. In fact those people wouldn't survive here even if they could handle being disconnected from the rest of the world. That is a very good thing.
There are no signs on the paths that say "No Drones" or "Stay on trail" or "No camping"... The people that come here don't need those prompts. All who come understand the concepts of leaving no trace. They understand the fact that any flora or fauna that does live here is so special because it is such a hard place to survive. When we hike we hop from rock to rock, trying to avoid stepping on the smallest plant. When we see a bird or other animal we stop and wait for it to finish whatever it was doing. We are the intruders and it's no inconvenience standing still no matter how long it takes for them to move on. All of these things are good.

The difficult flip side is trying to explain to our friends, family and loved ones why it's so important for some of us to get to places like this untouched by others. Yes, readers of the last couple of blog posts (or future ones) may be shouting "WHY???". Why would anyone want to put themselves into situations that are going to be so difficult, maybe even dangerous. Even if I could post pictures, IPhone Panoramas or drone footage (we have it all), it would not do this place justice. Part of what makes a place like this so special is that its hard. It's hard to get here, really hard to live here and hard to spend more than a few days here.

We spent two days here hiking around, sitting in awe of the beauty, marvelling in the raw power that nature displays here. Power displayed both in the things that do live here and the weather that tries so hard to kill it all. Like 4 empty shells we greedily filled up our souls knowing that we'd need the fuel to sustain us until the next special place.
Caleta Brecknock is a place that easily describes why we cruise, why we put our selves through the various hardships. Unfortunately you have to have been here to come close to understanding this.

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  1. Hi Gary. Glad to see you are making progress along the Chilean coast. Thanks for all the info you gave us on the phone- cannot wait to have the opportunity to do it ourselves. Wishing you a safe passage, Lin