Thursday, March 15, 2018

Made it to the Promised land - Day 22

We made it.
Well, not quite yet but we are pulling into the river to go up to Valdivia now.  It's been a very long journey and it will take us a few days of sleep before we realize what we have done but tonight should be spent at a dock and that is all that matters right now.
More to come later


  1. Congratulations and enjoy that well deserved sleep!

  2. Yahoo!!! If you happen to get to the Valdivia Yacht Club, Doug asks if you will say hi to Jorge and his wife from him! Many happy memories. Now, relax and catch up on your rest and have a beer at La Altima Frontiera! Bravo! XO Lyneita

  3. Well done, glad to see you safe in port.
    Campbell SV Camdeboo